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Let me tell your story…

Hey there!

If you haven’t already met me yet, (you will!) my name is Paige and I am the eyes behind the lens! I am a digital and film (hybrid), destination wedding photographer based in Central Florida. I’m here to tell your story.

What do I mean by that? Well, I believe firmly that what I do is more than just taking a photograph. It’s capturing a moment in time. An irreplaceable moment. I document memories, LIFE, and all its raw and glorious beauty.
I want to do that for you. It’s the best part of my craft and I’d be honored to assist you in preserving precious memories.

I’m an adventurous person at heart. Traveling and experiencing the wonders of this world. That being said, it is my dream to do destination weddings or elopements. I’d be thrilled to work with fellow wanderlust spirits at special investments!

I cannot wait to connect with you and gain a new friend.




Destination Wedding · Film Photography · Lifestyle Photography · Wedding Photography

A New Year is Approaching…

A new year is approaching, which means new goals, life changes, and more!

Here’s what you can look forward to from us this coming year… (drum roll)

FILM! Yep, you read that right. Good ole’ fashion film photography. I’ve been wanting to introduce film for quite some time now. The only thing that was honestly stopping me was my confidence. To be honest, in some way digital photography has become a crutch. *Must look at screen all the time*

I didn’t want that anymore. More notably I love the look and aesthetic of film. It’s timeless, raw, organic, real. That’s what I want to bring into my work. And what I want your photos to render. A moment literally captured in time. I crave the organic, free-spirited brides and those that love the softness and delicate look that film can bring.

You love adventure? You love the film look? Timeless images? Perfection in the imperfect? I’m your girl. Hands down.

Looking forward to working with you and starting this crazy adventure!


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I Love Weddings…

I really do! There is something so special about witnessing the union of two people who are completely smitten with one another! That being said, I love capturing those moments that last a lifetime even more!

I’d love to chat with you if you’ve been recently engaged and are looking for a photographer in Central Florida or even if you’re planning a destination wedding!

Those looking into destination weddings, I offer special rates. Just ask!


So let’s grab some coffee and let me help you create the wedding of your dreams!

~ Paige or 901-483-5781


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It’s Wedding Season!

Flowers, place settings, bridals… Oh my! This wedding season down here in Florida has come into full swing, leaving plenty of room for warm and sunshiny days for the perfect photos! El & Em love summertime for many reasons and would love to chat with you about capturing your summer or fall wedding! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Contact us at: 901-483-5781 or

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Happy Easter!

I cannot believe it’s already that time of year! Things are starting to pick up with the beautiful weather we’ve been having and I am so excited! Wanted to share the faces behind the name, El & Em. They had a little Easter/Spring session and boy did they give me a workout (mostly my rambunctious Em!). El on the other hand became an instant model. I have a feeling she’ll have the most fun with a photographer as her mama! Hope you enjoy!

To book a session please email: or call 901-483-5781